June Favorites

It’s that time again so here are my favorites from June!

June Favorites

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola
I got a small size of this bronzer from Ulta in their Sexy Six Starter Kit. It has a bunch of their best selling items in small sizes for a reasonable price ($24). I listed a link to both the full size and the started kit but honestly I would just go full size. This stuff is awesome. I was a bit skeptical about how great it would be but really its perfect. It goes on smooth and blends like a dream.

Plus as a pretty pale lady this stuff works really well. I don’t look too bronzed with this on and have even used it to give me a pretty sweet faux tan on my face. I think this would work on a multitude of skin tones but you should head to a store like Sephora where you can try it out before you buy.

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional
I got this as a mini with the Big Time Prime kit which also included the That Gal primer. I really loved both these primers and it’s a decent deal for small samples. I think the Porefessional primer really steals the show though. I use it on my nose, between my brows, and on my cheeks. Even when I only use the primer without any foundation or BB cream on top it still looks awesome. It really smooths me out and hides the large pores on my nose, and keeps my foundation there all day. I think its pretty fantastic.

Forever 21 Cutout Thong Sandals

These babies are only $8.80. If that doesn’t sell you I have an almost identical pair from them that were the same cost from three years ago that I still wear. They are still pretty cute though a bit beat up. I love them. Honestly I’m going back to grab several pairs in different colors of their $8.80 sandals. They have a bunch of different styles for this price and they all look pretty cute. I wear them almost the whole summer and at least at my work I can wear them.

Forever 21 V-Neck Tee

I seriously love Forever 21 basics. They are cheap ($3.80), durable, and come in a ton of colors and styles. I picked up a couple of these V-Neck Tees in Ivory and Navy for my vacation. I really like how easy they are. I toss them on with a scarf and shorts and I’m ready for a day out. It seems Forever21 just did a price drop on them because these used to be over $5.

Suits Season One: Errors And Omissions
This show was surprisingly good. It involves lawyers with seriously awesome jaw lines and has one of my favorite actresses, Gina Torres. I love the humor and the generally attractive people. Not to mention that the plot is well formed and dialogue funny. The second season is out but we haven’t really started it yet. 

A Game of Thrones
I know everyone and their cat is talking about this but I really love it. Not only does it have amazing strong women but it also has such beautiful costuming. Hell that show is the master of the no makeup look. So really this is more of my summer style icon Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons. She is seriously strong, gorgeous, and stylish. I want to rock long locks, braids, and flow-y dresses all summer. Not to mention reread the books. They are worth it and a great thing to bring to the beach. Plus who wants trashy romance novels when you can have incest and intrigue?

Dunkies Ice Coffee
I live on it. If I could I would breath it. My vacation was terrible without its nectar in the morning. I have ordered my coffee so many times I think I must mumble it in my sleep. “Iced Moca Coconut Extra Skim, No Sugar.” Probably confuses the hell out of C. But really its delicious and not at all burnt. That’s my major issue with other coffee places, like Starbucks. First off its more expensive which means I can’t have as much, and secondly it tastes like someone lit the beans on fire and let it smolder until they were nice and charred before brewing it.

I really don’t understand how/why they do this to their coffee. Their beans on the other hand are fantastic which is what makes me so confused. So I’ll stick to my dunks iced coffee.

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