Swatch & Review: Nyx Cosmetics Ulta Pearl Mania Loose Eye Shadow

Nyx Cosmetics Pearl Mania Swatch

(Left to right) Grass, Space, Lilac, Purple, Nude, Mink, Rust

Purchase Link: $2.99

If you haven’t seen these little loose eye shadows I recommend checking them out. They come in a multitude of colors, apply beautifully, and look almost like a foil.

[table] Overall, Pigmentation, Texture, Longevity, Application, Packaging

8.4/10, 9/10, 8/10, 9/10, 9/10, 7/10

Overall 8.4/10

I am a Nyx fan, I do admit but these pearl eye shadows are wonderful, and more people should be using them. The colors are fantastic, and almost look foiled depending on the shade and application method And they are only $3! Score!

I own: Grass, Lilac, Mink, Nude, Purple, Rust & Space

Pigmentation 9/10

The pigmentation on these is fantastic. A little bit goes a long way with this product. They appear significantly more pigmented over a primer than without.

There is a difference in pigmentation between shades. Mink and Rust are extremely pigmented and cover heavily even on bare skin. The other shades I own need a base to show their true colors.

Texture 8 /10

Pretty typical for a loose pearlescent eye shadow a little powdery but blends really well.

Longevity 9/10

Over Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray Primer these lasted about 12 hours without creasing, migrating or fading. They were still super shiny and beautiful at the end of my work day and well afterwards.

I’ve also tested these over UD’s Primer Potion and had a bit better lasting power.

Application 9/10

I apply with a brush just as you would any other loose shadow. Can be applied wet or dry and is very versatile. Coverage is pretty good but it can be layered for even more intense colors. Applying over a primer makes a huge difference with this product. It also appears even brighter over a white base like Nyx Eye crayon in Milk.

My only complaint is the amount of fallout, but this is just a problem with loose shadows in general and this product is no worse or better than was expected.

Packaging 7/10

These products do have a label that covers the seam so you can tell if they have been opened. But the bottle is a bit impractical. The top is too narrow to dip a brush into and the cap isn’t designed in such a way that you may tap some product into it. I usually end up using the back of my hand but it seems to waste product. I wish they were short and squat with a wider top opening than the skinny and narrow packaging they have now.


And here is a quick look using Rust.

Nyx Cosmetics, Ultra,  Pearl, Mania, Look, Rust


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