Monthly Archives: May 2013

Memorial Day Sales

Since I am strapped for cash at the moment I am only looking into taking advantage of only 2 sales. The first is an e.l.f sale for the weekend. I got an email from e.l.f a couple of days ago with a pretty enticing sale. Everything that is at least 3 bucks each now has… Read more »

Thai Chicken with brown rice

This is a meal I’ve been making a lot recently. Everything is homemade including the sauce but it is also really easy and semi fast. This serves 3-4 depending how hungry you are.

Birthday Dinner

Last Tuesday was Colin’s 24th Birthday, so I took the days off to go hiking and take a bunch of photos. C chose the park and we spent the day there. Here are the highlights:

Easy Beef Stroganoff

I intended to post about the meal I made for mother’s day, but in the hustle to get out the door I completely forgot my camera. I plan on making shrimp kabobs for next week though they’ll be cooked in the oven not the grill. Anyways to make up my slacking/forgetfulness here is C’s favorite… Read more »