Birthday Dinner

Last Tuesday was Colin’s 24th Birthday, so I took the days off to go hiking and take a bunch of photos. C chose the park and we spent the day there. Here are the highlights:
a very Colin Birthday
The backpack was C’s big birthday gift. It’s a camera bag backpack from Lowepro with a lot of really cool features. I am incredibly jealous of his pack. I ordered the Lowepro DSLR Video Fastpack 250  after looking through these recommendations for camera packs. C had used my fathers camera bag backpack on a vacation last summer and really liked it. His only complaint was that you had to take it off to get anything out. This backpack doesn’t have this problem.
I also got him an Eye-Fi 4 GB Wireless Memory Card and an adapter card so it would work in his camera. This card can be set up with a wifi to download photos as you take them to a computer or other device. C turned on a hotspot with his iPhone and had it download to his iPad in his backpack. It was pretty neat to be able to flick through the photos while having some sandwiches.
The little dragonfly sat there for so long without moving C and I were convinced he was dead. Then he just flew off.
There were some blue heron nests over the water. We got to watch one of the parents fly around for a while and clean his wings.
Right before we left we went geocaching at the park. It was pretty hard to find. I was psyched that we found it at all. If you have never gone geocaching before I recommend going here for more information.

After our long day we came home and got ready for a fancy dinner. C’s parents gave us gift cards without which we would not be able to normally afford. It was a really nice dinner. Great service and great food. C. and I split a seafood sampler appetizer for starters. He had a Guinness and I had a glass of Riesling  I had the filet mignon with mushrooms and onions cooked in a wine sauce. C had a top sirloin steak with rice and several  glasses of Wachusett blueberry which came with blueberries floating in his glass. We finished off with dessert. C had a apple crisp and I had the carrot cake. Clearly I broke my diet but it was so delicious and a special occasion.

Mostly I’m just proud of how my makeup turned out.

Here was my inspiration for the night. I bought the dress and then threw this together before getting ready.

Birthday Dinner
Here is the final outcome:
We had a great night and C had an amazing birthday.

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