Colored Brow Tutorial

Colored Brow Tutorial summer, colored, brow, tutorial One of my favorite weekend looks involves super bright colored brows. I, unfortunately cannot get away with bright colored hair/makeup during the week.  On the weekends I tend to go a little crazy with color and for the summer bright bold brows are easy and fun. Supplies

  1. Prime using your eye primer from your lid up onto your brow. I used Urban Decay Primer potion in Eden.
  2. Take your white base and saturate your brow area with it. My brows are pretty dark so I really have to cover them. I used Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.
  3. Using the Lighter color of eye shadow and an angled brush fill in the brow shape. It doesn’t have to be remotely clean since it will be cleaned up later.
  4. Taking the darker shade line the bottom of your brow and blend upwards. Use short strokes in the direction of the hair.
  5. Using a spoolie or brow brush gently brush the shadows to blend. Use a light hand on this.
  6. Taking a bit of makeup remover on a Q-tip and clean up the shape of your brow. Normally I would skip this step for a normal brow routine but the color on this shadow would have blended into the concealer so I opted to clean this up this way first.
  7. Using a bit of concealer on a small brush carve out the final shape of your brow and blend the concealer out.
  8. Use a white shadow to highlight your brow bone and lend it out.
  9. Finish off with a coat of clear brow-gel and spritz face with a makeup setting spray help with the summer heat.

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