August Birchbox

august birchbox

This is my first month getting Birchbox and I’m pretty impressed. Birchbox is a monthly subscription plan where they send you items they think you will be interested in. It costs $10 a month and shipping is free. It’s worth giving it a shot.


This month being my first month I was pretty psyched. It came surprisingly fast. Mine wasn’t shipped with all the others since I was on the wait-list but it came in this neat little pink box. Once I opened it there was a plain brown box, with really cute gray chevron lining. Honestly it may sound wonky but I love boxes. I’ve already put mine to work as a divider in my ALEX and can say I’ll be taking advantage of them every month.

August Birchbox within a box

I’m pretty content with the items I got. According to Birchbox these are items and their full size costs:


I had a lot of help photographing. Here Jasper is trying to get my attention.

I had a lot of help photographing. Here Jasper is trying to get my attention.

Obliphica Blow Up Spray ($24)
What: Lightweight mist that adds lift and leaves an Obliphica berry scent for the perfect blowout.
How: Spray on damp hair before blow-drying. Use on dry hair as a restyling spray for light hold.

I tried this out on dry hair. It gave my hair a bit of a volume boost and man this stuff smells fantastic. I don’t blowdry my hair so I’m not sure how well it works there. I will try it after a shower and let my hair air dry when it’s in to see how that goes.


SPF 42 Sport Mango ($32)
What: This sweat-proof water-resistant formula packs some protective power with six safe sunscreens.
How: Apply all over body at least 15 minutes prior ro heading out in the sun.

Haven’t tried it yet buy $32 for sunscreen seems pretty expensive to me. I doubt I would buy a full size. Plus the sample probably only has enough for my face.

Jasmin Seven TM

Fresh Feet Wipes TM ($9.95 for 3 packs of 10 wipes)
What: Alcohol-free towelettes that cleanse and soften with vitamin E, peppermint, and aloe.
How: Refresh feet after running around town  or in between show changes. Great for hands too!

I was the least interested in this. On the package it says that the maker used to use baby wipes to clean her feet and now that she’s a mom there are even more feet to wipe. I’m just wondering what’s wrong with baby wipes. I mean no ones going to be down there sniffing my feet. Plus I dislike anything minty or menthol. I tried them out and they feel nice on my feet but it wasn’t amazing. Not the product for me I think but worth trying if you have the chance.


Eye Definer ($20)
What: Smudge-resistent eyeliner that glides on smoothly for easy definition.
How: Line upper and lower lids leaving inner corners free.

I’m not a fan of lining my lower lashes as described in the how but man I am a fan of this eyeliner. It’s so creamy and rich. I got a dark brown shade that is definitely my new everyday liner. I swatched it on the back of my hand. Made dinner wiping them off several times and it was still there.

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics Brighter

Triple performing facial emulsion, Total moisture facial cream, and It’s potent eye cream ($30 – $40)
What: A three step system for scoring an ultraradient, youthful, and deeply hydrated complexion.
How: Apply emulsion to clean skin. Follow with a small amount of facial cream and dab of eyecream.

I tried these out and I can say I’m a fan of all three. Not too much to expand on other than the eyecream reminds me of the Clinique one my mom uses.

Overall the I was really pleased. I would have paid $10 bucks just for the eyeliner. If you’re interested in trying it out, get on the waitlist here. I was only on the list for about a month but I’m sure that varies.

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