New Battlestation!

I went to Ikea again. I know. But the meatballs were calling me. I wanted a new battlestation that was big enough to set my laptop on and maybe a little more storage space.

Here’s the previous version. Notice that pretty chevron pattern, it was hand done by me before we moved last year. I really like it but that surface just wasn’t big enough and it is a little wobbly. I’m still planning on using it for a hallway table to catch things like mail and keys. I’ve had it forever and I feel a bit sentimental about it.

So now the new improved and incredibly exciting new battlestation. Isn’t it gorgeous! I’ve been using it a ton since I put it up. Doubles as a desk for writing these posts.

So here are all my purfumes and my brushes. Ignore how dirty they are.

This Acrylic organizer is from Target and holds most of my everyday makeup as well as my eyeliners and eyebrow pencils.

The upper left cube holds my hair supplies. Upper right holds my lotions, and my hairbrush. Bellow that is hair ties, headbands, the clips for my curlers, bobby pins and nail polish remover. Next to that are all of my makeup bags. Most of them were not purchased but part of a GWP.

There are 4 more cubes bellow that I haven’t quite decided what to use them for. I know one will be for all of my hair tools aside from my straightener.

Last but certainly not least is my Alex drawer system. I took the time (Seriously it took about 5 hours) to cut and put together dividers to make seeing my makeup a lot easier. They don’t look the greatest but it is so much better than it was. I can actually see everything and I’ve been using a bunch of products I had forgotten about. If you’re interested in trying this out check out EnKoreMakeup’s tutorial here.

First drawer is all my nail polish as well as a couple nail related items.

The second drawer holds stuff for my face. Blushes, foundations, primers, & setting powder etc.

The third drawer down holds eye stuff. Mostly eye shadows, and pigments but there are also some cremes and my eyelashes in the back.

The fourth drawer is my larger pallets. An old Sephora palette I’ve had for a long time and never really use. It was my first nicer makeup and being a sentimental butt means it stays. Plus I have the space for now. My two Coastal Scents palettes are also in here along with my new Urban Decay Deluxe Eye shadow palette. A post on the haul it is from is on it’s way along with swatched.

You can see some swatches from the Coastal Scents palettes here.

The other drawers hold some random items that I plan on moving to other areas, and I also plan on adding some more dividers but they seriously take forever and I am worn out.

Hope you like it. Let me know what you think and any suggestions to improve my battlestation.

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