May Favorites

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One of my favorite things of all time not just in May, are the basics from Forever 21. Particularly I like their longer tanks. They are really soft, easy to wash (I throw them in a delicate bag and wash on delicate, then hang to dry even though they say hand wash), come in tons of colors and best of all they are the cheapest I have found. One longer tank costs $2.80. They have shorter versions of the same thing and different cuts for the neckline.

I wear them almost every day under light colored shirts, low cut shirts, pretty much anything. I buy them every time I go to Forever21 since I am constantly running out.


Lush Love Lettuce fresh face mask $6.95 (available in store only)
First of all if you have never made a trip to Lush it is well worth it. They are an all natural beauty store, with tons of different face masks, washes, soaps, bath bubbles, shampoo, etc. All of their stuff is made with all natural ingredients and in my experience I even get a little name and stylized image of the person who made it.
Anyways, their face masks are really amazing. I usually get their BB Seaweed mask, which is really rich and moisturizing. I almost always get this when I get a sunburn on my face since it feels awesome on there. This time I wanted something that would expholitate since my skin has been breaking out a bit more than it normally does (stress probably), so I went with the Love Lettuce mask.
This mask is amazing at expholiating (all those almond bits). I smudge it on my face and rub it in for a bit before letting it dry for about 10 mins. I usually just go watch some TV until it feels dry and then rinse it off.  Afterwards my skin is ridiculously soft and smooth. It even seems a bit brighter to me.
I usually would not spend this much on a product that is so small (and has an expiration date) but it does last a remarkably long period of time. The little tub will last me through June more than likely and will be gone only shortly before the expiration date.
My only complaint is that it can be a bit harsh on the skin if you rub too much. My skin is really sensitive so it may just be me. I personally just don’t scrub a ton and have had no problems. Overall I would buy this again during stressful periods; if I wasn’t stressed out I would go with the BB Seaweed mask for some healthy vitamins and moisture.
Just an FYI this product does contain almonds, and if you purchase from LUSH and are allergic to nuts you should talk to one of the people in store.
Here’s the ingredients: Agar Agar Gel, Kaolin, Honey, Fullers Earth, Glycerine, Almond Oil, Ground Almond Shells, Ground Almonds, Lavendar Oil, Chlorophyllin, *Geraniol, *Limoonene, *Linalool, Perfume
*Occurs naturally in essential oils.
One of the things I also really liked about this is you can look up the “Product Story”for a product to see just how it is made. They also give you the ability to click on the ingredients to read about them individually. So easy and awesome.


I couldn’t pick only one favorite for May.


e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer
(I use Clear and Tone Adjusting Green)
I bought this in the clear and the green versions and I absolutely love them. The green I use on my cheeks which tend to flush a lot. I blush naturally all the time but since I like to contour my cheeks I really only want the apples to be pink. The green tone evens out the red tone of my cheeks perfectly and is much lighter than piling the foundation on there.
I use the clear everywhere else, including my eyelids since I lack an eye shadow primer at the moment. It works pretty well for that and since I began use my foundation and concealer last so much longer.
They also have a violet toned primer that supposedly helps to correct yellow tones. I haven’t tried this one , but if it performs as well as the other two I have used it would defiantly be worth 6 bucks.


I use this every single day. It conceals my under eye circles pretty well, though I wish they had one with a slightly more pink tint rather than yellow. But it still does the job and I always carry one of these in my purse. Honestly I use this as my general concealer as well and it works for me. I use the highlighter side of this when I contour as a highlighter on my nose and the bow of my lips. I swipe it up my nose and fan it out on my forehead then blend with either my foundation brush or just my fingers. Super fast and super easy to have a thinner nose and more defined lips.
The Estee xx Lilly Spring pallet from Estee Lauder (Freebee with a purchase)Colors:
Rivera Rose (11), Smoky Ember(07), Khakis (05)
Lavish Mink (45, Ivory Slipper (10), Hot Cinnamon (35), Nude Fresco (47)
I am crazy lucky that my mom loves a lotion from Este Lauder and stocks up on it whenever they have one of their gifts. (She does this with Clinique as well which is how I end up with some really awesome samples of those brands for FREE!!) Basically their gifts are buy a certain amount get this adorable bag with usually some of the following: Some type of lip product, eye shadow, mascara, sometimes eyeliner, and some type of lotion or makeup remover. At least this is the trend I have noticed. If there is interest I can post about all the little pallets I have gotten over the years from my mother. (I have a lot.) One of the best parts about these, other than the nonexistent price tag, is that they give you the names of the shade and allows you to really give it a test run. Anything I really dislike has been passed on to friends. Always nice.
Anyways this little pallet is adorable. The outside is really springy and the colors are great. They seem to be paired in twos.  The eyeshadow is not crazy pigmented but glides on really smoothly and lasts quite a long time.


We just discovered this show on Amazon Prime Instant, and now we are totally obsessed. Often times C and I will find a new show and ravenously gobble up the episodes until we run out. In the past two weeks we have pretty much finished the entire first season and I absolutely love it.
This show is basically a fantasy cop show. It follows our main character Grimm who deals with a lot of modern interpretations of classic Grimm fairy tales. Usually there is a murder, kidnapping, etc that he must investigate (he’s a detective) and then someone involved turns out to be some type of fantasy creature. I really like the creative interpretations of the fantasy stories.  Worth checking out and if you have Amazon Prime the first season is up for free!


Iron Man 3
A couple of weeks ago C and I went to see Iron Man 3 in IMAX and I loved it. I’m always ready to see a super hero movie and since Iron Man is my favorite I was extremely excited about this movie. I promise there are no spoilers but that movie had me on the edge and in tears. If you see it wait through all the credits for a funny ending piece.
I just can’t wait until Avengers 2 comes out as well.

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