Coastal Scents Haul and Swatches

Recently I took a leap and ordered two pallets from Coastal Scents. I had heard some decent thing about them, and for the cost these ridiculously large pallets are so worth it.

Coastal Scents

I ordered the Warm Pallet for $11 and the Metallic Pallet for only $9.

Once they arrived I also received a small makeup bag (terrible quality), a quad sample, and a bumper sticker. These were all freebies. Not huge but, nice all the same.

I only had the time to swatch the metallic pallet.

Metallic Pallet Swatches
Metallic Pallet Swatches
I like the metallic pallet a bit better than the warm, even though the warm pallet is much more usable for work. Just look at all those pigmented colors. They have decent lasting power over a primer base and they have minor fallout they are still gorgeous.
Basically I am in love.

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