Bath & Body Works Haul

Another haul for another day. I went to Bath & Body Works a while ago to get this haul. I wanted to make sure I really liked the products before I posted about them. When I went they were having some sales and I was sucked completely in.

I cannot resist a good sale. It’s impossible.  They were having  a buy 3 get 2 free deal on full size signature scent collection items, and if you bought a signature collection item you got a full size body spray in the new scent called Spring Day.

Needless to say I took advantage of all of the sales. This is what I got:

1. Bronzing Body Mousse in Honeysuckle Amore

$14 for 3.5 oz (which seems small but this stuff is just crazy light)
This stuff feels downright weird when you first put it on. Not weird in a bad way but just so different from anything I have tried before. I used this on my legs for C’s birthday dinner. It gives a pretty subtle sparkle and a mild bronzing effect. Overall I think it’s awesome. Plus the mousse spreads a lot better than I thought it would and you don’t need much product to cover a large area.
The scent on this is barely noticeable, which for me was a disappointment.

2. Select-A-Shimmer in Twilight Woods

was $14 when I bought it, but is on sale now for $7 for 6.7oz

I purchased this one because I thought it was pretty cool. You can turn the top to dial how much sparkle you would like in your lotion. I really wish they had a mini version so I could take it with me traveling. That way I could have the best of both worlds in one package. I really love the scent of this as well and have a small bottle of body spray from a previous purchase.

3. Body Spray in Spring Day

(Normally) $14 for 8oz
This was the freebie scent. I was on the fence about it, but hey free stuff.
I figured if I really hated it I could give it away to my mom or a friend. After I got it home and sprayed a slip of paper for C to smell (because the last thing I want is a perfume that he hates) and we both sniffed it again. Well it was awesome. Maybe it was the combination of a million scents that was confusing my nose, but either way C and I both thought it smelled damn delicious.
I’ve been using it almost every day since I got it.

4.  2-in-1 Superfruit Body Scrub and Wash

$14 for 8oz
I don’t notice anything special about the superfruit in this. It smells awesome, it does it’s job as a scrub and I like it. I will probably buy this again when it runs out.

5.  Bali Mango Glowing Body Scrub

$14 for 8oz
I could not find a good link for this. Apparently they no longer carry this in store. Must have been a seasonal item, but it really is nice. The smell is very tropical as you would imagine, and does a nice job scrubbing away.

6. Body butter in White Citrus

$15 for 7oz
As with all of their body butters it is smooth and creamy with a really nice citrus-y scent. It leaves my skin soft and nice smelling. Unlike some of the other body butters I have tried in store this one doesn’t have a really powerful scent, which is nice since it won’t overpower any perfume I wear or bother me when I go to sleep.
Overall I love all the products. I was actually really excited about the body scrubs since my Victoria’s Secret Pink body scrub from last summer had run out. Unfortunately the scrub had a limited run and I got the last one on clearance. It lasted me a long time (almost a year and a half) so I was pretty satisfied. I figured that since Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works are owned by the same company that the scrubs would be similar.
Turns out I was right! They are in both quality and cost. Super satisfied, as always with their products.

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