The New Apartment

Here are some of the pictures C. took when we were looking for apartments. We saw several before this but there was always a problem with them. One was too small, the other did not allow pets (something that I cannot live without!) and mostly they were all too expensive. I’m on a fairly tight budget.

This space is 1300sqft in a good area and right next to water. (Not to mention cat friendly!)

So here it is in all its 14ft ceiling glory:

The first thing you see when you walk in is a long hallway with light streaming in. I knew almost immediately I had to have it. The space here has lower ceilings than out in the living area so when you do head out tere the feeling is magnificent. The doorway you can see to the right is into the bedroom.


That opening is above the kitchen cabinets in the other room.
There is also a laundry room, two hall closets, and another entrance to the bathroom.
The bathroom has a granite counter top nice fixtures and a shower tub. I’m not the biggest fan of showers like this but its fairly standard. It’s not super spacious but isn’t tiny either.
There is another door from the bathroom that leads into the bedroom from here.
If you head back into the hall and into the large living area one of the first things that you’ll see is the huge odd shaped windows.
One is a bit taller than the other and they both start about 4ft up the wall. Either way the windowsill is very deep. You can’t see from the photo but the view includes a bit of green and the adjoining mill building that is not yet restored.


That doorway leads back into the hall
Most of this room is an open space with the exception of the AMAZING kitchen. This kitchen killed me when I saw it. It was just perfect for my cooking style. Plus I loved that the counter overlapped enough to be used at a bar.
Not to mention the brand new appliances and the garbage disposal. And wait there’s more.
Look at all that cabinet space!!
Can you see why I absolutely had to have this place. Not to mention that it was in my price range.
Now I only have to figure out how to spice up those huge white walls. If the landlord allows I may paint one wall an accent color and paint it white again come time to move out. I was also thinking of just using extremely long bright curtains to bring some color in.

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