Sleep Tracking

I started tracking my sleep last Friday in an effort to get better sleep and keep myself accountable for staying up far too late. The app I use is called Sleep Time. Currently I am using the free version but I am thinking of upgrading to the pay version soon. The way this app works is I turn on the app and set my alarm time. Then I set my phone face down on the bed next to my pillow. The app tracks my movement throughout the night and uses that data to set my alarm off when it will be easiest for me to wake up. Here is what the results pages look like for my last few nights:


The large amount of “awake” time at the beginning was me getting comfortable and setting up the phone. I was anxious it wouldn’t work to wake me up so I double checked it a couple of times.


I took an over the counter sleep aid this night. I assume this accounts for the sudden drop into deep sleep.



I had several Margaritas before bed this night. Not sure if it changed my sleep at all other than having horrible breath this morning. C was not pleased.
My sleep schedule has been pretty messed up this week since C. crushed his finger under a granite slab while working on my mother’s house. Unfortunately this meant lots of early morning doctors appointments. Luckily he should be fine and doesn’t even need stitches. Here are his x-rays:
Good thing is he is feeling much better!

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