New Favorite Food Tracking App

For a long time I have been looking for an app that would satisfy my food tracking needs. I have tried others in the past but recently (at the suggestion of some people over at /r/fitness recommended MyFitnessPal. This app is amazing, and I am absolutely in love.

First of all it is free, which is something I really wanted. I don’t mind if it has a free version, I just won’t pay for something I can’t try out first. Setting up an account is easy. I connected my account with my Facebook  It asks for your weight, age, sex, etc. All the basic information you would expect along with your activity level. After it gets all this information including your goal weight it spits out some numbers you should set as your goal. How many calories you should eat per day and per week as well as what potions of these calories should be fats, protein, or carbs among other things.
I hadn’t realized how well respected this application was until I started taking a free nutrition class through coursera and the professor asked us to use this app to track our food intake for a week! Here is what my day looked like today (Ignore all that sodium I cut out the sauce from my kabobs!)

I really like how they show how much you have had, how much you should, and what you have left. It helps me see if I need more protein.

You can input exercise as well and it will give you more calories to eat. I personally don’t use that feature but have heard good things.

Follow my own MyFitnessPal account and help keep me accountable!

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