May Favorites

May Favorites

Spring is making me crave color and sparkle like nothing else.

Pūr~lisse Pūr-moist Hydra Balance Moisturizer


I was iffy about trying this lotion out. I have very sensitive skin and tend to breakout easily so I usually use a lighter moisturizer but I got a very mild sunburn Memorial Day weekend and wanted an extra boost of moisture so I tried this out. I could not be happier than I did. It is mostly smell-less which is wonderful for me and the smell it does have is only slightly herbal. It’s super creamy and even when I apply a little too heavy it doesn’t weigh down my skin.

No breakouts so far and I have been using this every night for about a week. My skin feels so soft now its crazy.

Mirabella Pretty and Provocative Lipstick in Fever


So I have a love hate relationship with this lipstick. It’s a little greasy, it comes off on everything. Colin told me I had little smudges of lipstick on my nose and cheek a couple of times. (probably from my fingers) But the color on this is awesome. A bright red-purple that starts out super dark and when it fades becomes this ethereal violet shade. This is the only lipstick I own that I want to fade faster on my lips.

Sleek I-Divine Ultra Matte V1 Palette


Unfortunately Sleek products are not available in the US, but can be ordered from their website and shipped here without issues. The quality of the shadows and the price of the palettes are perfect though. I own 3 of the Sleek palettes this one in particular is my favorite. The pigmentation on the bright matte shadows is amazing, and they are smooth (maybe smoother) than a baby’s butt. I think the texture is comparable to some of Lorac’s shadows but at a fraction of the price. I would say this is a fair dupe of Urban Decay Electric Palette and totally worth the 9.99.

Orly Polishield & Bonder

$10 each BonderPolishield

My holy grail.

I am an active person who happens to have a couple trouble nails.(I was bitten by a dog and his canines went through my nail/nail bed on two nails. (Not my dogs fault by the way. It was after his first seizure and he was scared and I move my hand to pet him he freaked. Fun story maybe a min later he was crying and following me around giving me apology kisses.) Now they don’t grow as strong or healthy as my other nails and tend to flake and break often.

I wear nail polish pretty regularly to help support those nails and also because it looks nice. I am also very impatient and hate waiting for nails to dry so  I only paint my nails once a week on the weekends. I had tried a million and one topcoats/base coats and these are by FAR my favorites. I use this in combination with Bonder as a base coat and Polishield on top my nails last all week.

All week with no chips with me opening cat food all the time and messing around with things.

Eyeco Black Magic Mascara


I’ve had this for a while. I believe I got it though Birchbox at one point but I really love this product. It gives a good coating, lengthens and helps curl my lashes. Not super huge, but something. I use this at work for the most part.

City Color White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse


This is a light whipped mousse eye shadow in a beautiful white gold shade. The swatch does not do this justice. I like to use this on the inner corner of my eye just to give it a little extra oomph. Blends well, and lasts all day. I find myself reaching for this all the time.

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