Ikea Haul! (again, I may have a problem)

Since this month is a 3 paycheck month instead of a 2 paycheck month I had a considerable amount of extra cash. I had been saving this with creating a much better battlestation for myself. Starting out it was an absolute mess. While I love my tiny little vanity it is a little wobbly and was in need of some paint. Before I moved last September I painted it robin’s egg blue with cream stripes. I’m not really satisfied with how it turned out but it does look so much better. I want to get a new vanity anyways. I have been considering getting a corner desk and modifying it. That is a topic for another day, or month maybe.
Since I had some extra cash, and have been hoarding my cash like a dragon lately I decided that I could burn through a little of the extra at Ikea. Now I have a love affair with Ikea, as anyone who enjoys putting things together does, so clearly this was going to be a disaster. Most of the time it is hit or miss but I always make a shopping list on their website before I go. Mostly so I don’t over spend and so I don’t forget things.
Total: $206

The whole reason we were going was to get the Alex drawer system and update my battle station from ugly plastic drawers, and to look at TV cabinets for our bedroom. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything that fit all my needs and my wallet. But we are looking at using this dresser as a TV cabinet and dresser in the future. It was just a bit too expensive for the day at $299. Plus I just wasn’t in love with it. I want to go looking at a couple antique places first and creep on craigslist for a while. Tons of Ikea stuff shows up on craigslist for much cheaper than the store price.
I also invested in a nice wok which should be making an appearance next week. I opted for the more expensive version (they had a slightly smaller one for $25). The more expensive one also seemed to just be of better quality material.
My favorite find was the Erikslund pictures. While C and I were unimpressed with the photos the frames were really neat. Frosted glass surround the images and they are set back from the glass by an inch or so. The effect really creates emphasis for the photos. It looks amazing. We decided to buy it anyways, since $10 for a frame isn’t bad. It will be a bit of a challenge to get our own photos to sit correctly but I think it will be well worth it. Once I get around to it I’ll post some photos and a tutorial if anyone is interested.
The big purchase was obviously the Alex drawer system. It took me about an hour to put it all together. I haven’t had a chance to organize it yet but it will hold all of my beauty supplies and more than likely be able to hold a few extras. There are a serious amount of drawers in this thing and the top provides some needed surface area. I plan on using it to hold my basket of perfumes and maybe some basics. I can tell already that my cat will use it to climb all over so I can’t totally cover the top with stuff.


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