Craigslist creepin’ and Ikea huntin’


I found a listing on craigslist that got me a bit excited. I’m a pretty big fan of Ikea furniture (even more a fan of their prices), so when I found a Micke desk in white and birch, and an Expedit shelving unit in white for $55 and $50 respectively I e-mailed them right away.

I got a response saying that only the desk was available at $55 which is still a really good deal. Especially since it was in really good shape. C. and I headed out to meet her the next day.
The drive into the city was terrible. There were signs saying that lanes were closed in two miles never saying which ones, and as it turned out none were closed anyways. A trip that normally only takes us an hour took an hour and a half.
We arrived, found parking and headed up to her apartment. She showed us the shelf saying that the desk was already taken. Now at this point I was already a bit grumpy, plus I probably wouldn’t have even headed into the city for just the shelf.
At first I thought I was just being an idiot and had read something wrong but I went back and checked my e-mail. Turns out I wasn’t! She emailed me that the desk was available and gave me the price for the desk as well. It was a little bit frustrating but we made the best of it and took the shelf.
Not to mention my pouting convinced C. that we could go to Ikea and have a look around.
My Ikea haul was perfect. I ended up getting a Malm headboard with bookshelves that pull out from the sides!
I also got some parts for a dining room table project I have coming up, some clearance lamps, and some wine bottle koozies that look like cockatiels (2 for $3.99!!!).
Look how cute that is!!!
I’m still wondering if that girl is going to email me about the desk. I think she might have mistook me for the person who wanted the shelf. That would be a little amusing.

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